Richard Gorra

Richard Gorra Discusses Tips for Watering Plants

Richard Gorra

Several day-to-day activities are lauded by experts due to their ability to make us feel relaxed and at peace. Richard Gorra is a man that enjoys simple activities and sees them as an opportunity to maintain his mental well-being and sense of self. Caring for plants, to many is an activity that has proven to be therapeutic and has become a refuge for Richard Gorra personally. As simple as the task may be, several people are unaware of the best ways to maintain their plants and Richard Gorra provides tips for the budding agriculturalists among us.

Remember to Water the Roots: A common mistake amongst novice gardeners is that they forget that the leaves of a plant normally do not need to be watered at all. Instead, focus should be placed on the root zone when watering, which is referring to the soil on which the plant is located. Watering the entire plant is often ill advised because it can facilitate fungal disease on your plant’s leaves and flowers, inhibiting your plants’ growth and well-being.

Different Plants, Different Watering Rules: Many gardeners with multiple types of plants water their plants at the same time, which is not inherently a bad idea for those that do not have much time. It is important to remember that the type of plants you own will impact how much you should water in one sitting along with how frequently watering should occur. Some plants, like succulents, require very little water and can develop issues if watered too often. Other plants, such as ferns, do love to be watered frequently. Even still, consider that you do not have to water your plant if your soil is still wet to the touch.

Mind Your Plants’ Water Collection Trays: Your plants should have water collection trays under their pots in order to catch the excess water when tending to your plants. Richard Gorra notes that you do not have to pour out excess water in the tray immediately, especially because plants can reabsorb the water within thirty or so minutes of its accumulation. However, after that point, it is important to remove excess water as standing water your trays could lead to your plants developing root rot and associated issues.